Customer Service via Social Media

Social media is becoming more and more popular. It is a convenient way to communicate, share different thoughts and ideas. This is why social media is a good way to convey customer service. According to the Journal of Marketing Management, “customers pull firms into social media conversations – for example, tagging companies on Twitter, or posting questions on the company’s Facebook page. It has been said that a firm’s absence from social media is quickly noticed by its customers (Canhoto p.17). You can reach out to customers on a personal level or even reach out to customers in a large group. I personally would use it more to reach out to customers on a personal level because it makes them feel valued and important as a customer to your business. For example if you are monitoring Twitter for your business, and you notice that a customer has mentioned you in a post that they are having an issue with one of your products. Once they have mentioned you or used a certain keyword you can then easily reply back to them, or mention them in your post about what they should do to get the issue resolved. It shows that you are reaching out to the customer, and helping them with whatever they need.

Not only can you reach out to your customers on a personal level, you can also get back to them with a quick response time. Getting back to customers in a timely manner is a huge part of customer service. No one wants to sit on hold waiting for a representative to pick up the phone, or wait in line at the store to be helped in person. It makes the customer feel like they are not important, or that your company does not really care about the needs of customer with your product. In fact it is stated that 71% of customers who have a good customer service experience with a company through social media will recommend the brand to other consumers. (Marban) That is why it is important to make sure that you are delivering good customer service not only in stores but on social media sites as well. It can have a big impact on how well your company does, and how many customers you retain. Having good customer service is one of the main ways to maintain customer loyalty. It is hard to have a business if your customers decide to do business elsewhere, by showing your customers that you care, think they are important, and respond back to them quickly it will make them stay with your business because of the good customer service that they receive.

Another reason why using social media for customer service is a good idea is because it gives the customers another option to voice their ideas, and suggestions. Customers like to know that they are being heard, and that their ideas matter to a company. Not only do the customers appreciate that, but the company can really benefit from it as well. For example, if they are getting a lot of the same suggestions to add a feature onto their website where they purchase products then the company could bring that up to their website developers. They can then add that feature onto the website to make the customers happy, and keep their business coming back. The company could even go one step furtherer, and let all of the people who made that suggestions know that the feature in now added to the website by either replying back onto their posts, or sending out a personal message thanking them for their suggestion, and that it was put into action. Companies should always strive to make improvements, better their operations, and customer service. Companies can even post on social media sites asking for suggestions on what they should improve on if they are really needing ideas. So there are a lot of options when using social media sites to get ideas and suggestions for improvement, or just things that need to change.

Customers are getting used to expecting a quick response time with all of the new ways to deliver customer service. That is why it is important that companies start utilizing social media, as in making accounts or their own company page. Then they can easily communicate with their customers, and see what areas need improvement in their company.


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